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Spring Cleaning – Removal Projects For The New Season


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Spring is here and Summer is near! What better time to commence some demolition and removal projects around your residential or commercial property. While Winter may not be the most cordial towards expansive removal projects, often forcing team members to bear the elements, Spring brings a ripe atmosphere that invites change and refurbishment.

First established in the Mid-1600s, New England is home to the earliest colonies in the United States. While we certainly hope your property has undergone significant change since then, we understand many New Englanders’ have looming projects to be completed on their properties. Whether your home or commercial property is 300 or 30 years old, Boston Demolition is here to help jog your memory and provide you examples with some of the best demolition and removal projects to undertake as Spring carries along in Massachusetts and the surrounding states.

1- Decks, Outdoor Patios, & Sun Rooms

There is nothing better than a good outdoor barbeque on a warm July night. Whether you’re cooking up some burgers or playing baseball with the neighbors, a good outdoor deck & patio is an inviting environment that will simultaneously add value to your property. Yet, what if your new real estate acquisition has a dilapidated deck or patio structure? All of a sudden this creator of memories turns into a massive liability. Rotting wood, crumbling stone, and cracking concrete are all sure signs that your deck or patio is due for replacement. Avoid the liability and risk of danger and contact Boston Demolition & Removal to get your new deck, patio, screened-in porch, and more removed just in time for some new construction!

2- Garages

Often home to far more than just a vehicle (we know about your collections of old sports equipment and garden equipment lingering in there!) – garages play an essential role in all residential and commercial property owners’ daily lives. Whether it is a detached single bay or an elaborate commercial storage facility featuring ten, 1000+ sq. ft. facilities, garages become a hotbed of activity as the spring and summer seasons come into the swing of things. DIY projects, vehicle maintenance, business creation, and more all call our garages home. Yet, we must make sure that our garages are up to code and safety standards. There is absolutely no point in delaying the removal of your dilapidated garage. Posing a danger to yourself and others, hire trusted demolition companies such as Boston Demolition to remove your aging garage structures and provide the ultimate perfect slate for your next dream garage. There is nothing better than building a new working space!

3- Beach Houses & Summer Homes

Sometimes it all must come down! While summer homes and beachfront houses often contain lifetimes of memories and countless stories, it is essential that your dwelling is not posing a risk to your overall safety and quality of life. Beachfront homes often suffer more wrath than just about any other structure as the battering of high winds, saltwater, intense storms, sand, and more unleash their might upon your dwelling. Additionally, summer homes often suffer from maintenance negligence as the dwelling is not frequently top of mind and important renovations may be pushed offseason after season. Eventually, these structures will be able to suffer no more and you must address the issues at hand. By utilizing trusted demolition companies such as Boston Demolition, you will receive expert estimates, opinions, and roadmaps to bringing your beloved property back to life.

As a whole, the Spring and Summer months provide an excellent opportunity for change and growth. Whether it is replacing a garage or rebuilding a summer home, look no further than Boston Demolition and Removal for your next project. Please reach out to us anytime, we cannot wait to hear from you!


Don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us with any questions, comments, or requests for quotations. We look forward to hearing from you!

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