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Jobsite Safety – Navigating Demolition Projects With Care & Efficiency



It goes without saying that Boston Demolition’s #1 priority is safety. Sure, it certainly sounds cliche but there is truly nothing we value more than human life. Not only is Jobsite safety paramount to ensuring our team’s wellbeing, but it also provides effective practices that result in enhanced discipline, organization, and overall productivity. Promoting a safe culture has been extremely beneficial to the success of Boston Demolition and has provided us with the knowledge and experience that we’d like to now share with the rest of the industry.

Many industries prioritize Jobsite safety, yet the Demolition industry is year after year one of the more dangerous sectors to work within. The nature of the work involves but is not limited to the following hazards:

-Large & Small Debris Removal

-Contaminated Material Removal

-Condemned Structures

-Environmental Risks Post-Storm

With all these high-risk factors often included in each and every Jobsite, it is essential that we practice diligent Jobsite safety for each and every client. Whether we’re doing an interior demolition in Brookline, MA, or a full structural teardown on the North Shore, we treat all jobs with the same level of care. In order to maintain a high level of efficiency and precision, we go through a series of steps on every project to maintain our high safety standards and create an environment that is conducive to top industry practices and expectations.

First and foremost, we do a full team walkthrough of the project. It does not matter if it is a single-floor gutting or large commercial teardown, we ensure that our team is well aware of the variables of the job. Getting a sense of your surroundings, the state of the structure, potential hazards, and other factors which you will be working around is essential to operating a safe Jobsite.

After an initial walkthrough, we will organize and assemble all equipment and tools needed. While this step may seem redundant or self-explanatory, having all equipment clearly visible and located in an organized fashion prevents hectic searches down the road. Our team knows where equipment is, understands how to use it, and employs it in the proper settings. This is an essential step to running an optimized Jobsite.

After a thorough walkthrough and equipment layout is completed, we will begin work on the job. The exact process of removing debris from structures varies greatly from client to client, yet we always try to remove the most hazardous components first, eliminating the risk of injury or harm to our team as quickly as possible. Following the removal of hazards, we will attempt to remove all larger debris, allowing our team to work in greater open space and thus providing them with the ability to position themselves properly and safely.

During the removal process, we promote the use of all personal protective gear including but not limited to Steel Toe Boots, Jeans or other Work Pants, Long Sleeve Shirts, High Visibility Gear, Work Gloves, Eye Protection, Hardhats, and more. By encouraging safe attire, we maintain a safe presence on each and every Jobsite.

When it comes to the environment itself, we promote the clearing & maintaining of all walkways, allowing our team to freely move throughout the project. We also employ the use of various waste collection systems. Large tarps are used to contain dust and other airborne particles.

Since the beginning, we have been focused on running a safe operation. Boston Demolition & Removal takes a huge amount of pride in maintaining high safety standards on each and every Jobsite. If you’re considering Boston Demolition and Removal for your next project, please do not hesitate to contact us!


Don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us with any questions, comments, or requests for quotations. We look forward to hearing from you!

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