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Board Up

If your building has been damaged by wind, fire, an accident, or vandalism, you will need professional board up services to protect your business. Whichever way your structure receives the damage, your windows, doors, and other openings will need temporary protection and security until they can be replaced.

Board up service will offer protection from broken glass, the weather, and other exterior elements. Boston Demolition’s professional board up service includes covering damaged windows, doors, roofs, and other openings.

Fire & Water Damage

Allow the specialists at Boston Demolition & Removal to restore your property from fire and water damage. Making decisions in the immediate aftermath of a disaster can seem staggering. With the help of Boston Demolition’s Emergency Response Team, your property and/or structure can be restored from fire and water damage quickly and efficiently to get you back to business.

Tree Vs. Structure

In the Boston area, it is not unusual for heavy winds, storms, or a nor’easter to topple trees of all sizes. Depending on the size of the tree and strength of the wind, the tree can crash into your business or structure and cause serious damage.

Car Vs. Structure

Accidents happen. Our roads can become slippery and dangerous from rain, snow, ice, and sleet, causing vehicles to slide off the road and into structures such as your business. If a vehicle drives into your property, it is important to act quickly once the authorities are done and the vehicle has been safely removed. Boston Demolition’s expert team will then board up and stabilize the structure, as well as remove any debris from the collision.

This is a temporary measure until further assessment can take place to determine if reconstruction or demolition is needed. Boston Demolition & Removal will provide you with quotes for each service after stabilizing your structure for temporary security and protection.

Abandoned Houses

Foreclosed properties and abandoned buildings are common areas that can attract vandalism. Many times, windows are broken to allow vandals access inside. The best way to prevent damage to your property or continued damage to your property is to contact us for Board Up services.


Unfortunately, vandals can generate their fair share of damage to your property. Windows smashed by rocks and broken bottles, doors destroyed by forced entry, and many more vandalism situations may require board-up services for your business.