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Demolition Services


Boston Demolition & Removal will get the job done right, on time, and on budget. There is no job too big or too small, and “no” is not in our vocabulary. Curious about our demolition services? Feel free to give us a call or send us an email. We’re happy to chat and help!

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SELECTIVE & FULL Interior Demolition

If you are renovating or repurposing a room, our selective & full interior demolition service can prepare that space effectively and efficiently. Our interior demolition team is experienced and concise, using methods to clear space without harming any surrounding areas.


Looking to repair, modify, or expand a current building? Our highly experienced team at Boston Demolition is equipped to handle any kind of exterior demolition. Our precise and timely efforts mitigate unsightly job sites and ensure that waste is contained and disposed of properly without disturbing the surrounding buildings and objects.


Boston Demolition is proud to offer full teardown services to all homeowners and contractors in both commercial and residential capacities. Whether it is a triplex in downtown Medford or an abandoned commercial facility, Boston Demolition is equipped to handle jobs of any size.  

Proper teardown and site work is essential to any new construction project. Your foundation is key, so look no further than Boston Demolition to get you that perfect blank slate.

Property and Site Maintenance

No matter the size, Boston Demolition & Removal can manage the job. Our expert team can help with major excavations as well as smaller services on a job including painting, wall repair, and handyman type services.

The removal of metals, and appliances is an important step in the demolition or maintenance process. Inhibiting factors such as snow and debris may also plague a project, which is why Boston Demolition & Removal makes sure that all factors are accounted for.

Basement Excavation

During the process of building an addition to a home or renovating a basement, basement excavation is often required to achieve the ideal product. This is the perfect service option for those who don’t have space for an addition on their homes. Our expert team can dig down into the unused space and make additional room by creating a basement.

Boston Demolition & Removal specializes in the excavation process, offering foundation expansion or removal.

Saw Cutting & Coring

Whenever your project requires concrete coring or cutting, we offer accurate accommodations to get the job done right. During many home improvement or construction projects, concrete cutting and coring pose a unique difficulty. We will take the necessary precautions to ensure safety and precision.