When Is The Best Time To Start a Demolition Project?

When is the best time to start a Demolition Project?


The first step in any demolition project is to get in touch with a respected Demolition Company. Due to the fact that exterior demolition work can only be completed during the spring, summer, and fall months, it is essential that you reach out to your local, trusted demolition company as quickly as possible.

Permitting and scheduling can often take months. Try and get an early jump on your project even if you are in the dead of winter. Estimates can still be completed if the ground is visible. While Demolition companies may adjust hours for the winter months, do not hesitate to reach out! More likely than not, the Demolition company will be happy to begin the relationship and start a roadmap for your project.

Why is Now the best time to start a demolition project?

Well, to restate the information above, paperwork can often be a huge delaying factor. If you have a historical property or building, permitting can take up to 18 months in certain towns throughout New England. Additionally, by not hesitating to reach out, you will be able to get more accurate estimates from demolition contractors who can schedule their resources more effectively in the future.

While the southern states benefit from warm weather year-round, New England is not so lucky. The winter months often make exterior demolition work extremely difficult to complete. If the ground is frozen or temperatures are below freezing, it is likely that exterior demolition work cannot be completed. That being said, interior demolition work can still be completed during these months and if you’re looking to complete some interior demolition projects, consider proposing a winter timeline to your demolition contractor.

How do I make this process go as smoothly as possible?

Cross your T’s and dot your I’s! The best thing you can do is precisely determine what changes you need to be completed. Projects can often be seriously derailed when individuals add significant changes midway through such as demolishing another portion of the house or gutting another room. Make sure that your project stays true to the original scope in order to complete it as quickly as possible. Not only does that help with the timeline, but your demolition contractor will truly appreciate you as a client!

If you have any questions or are looking to get a quote for your next demolition project, do not hesitate to reach out to Boston Demolition & Removal!

When To Hire A Professional Demolition Company

When should you hire a professional demolition company?

Anytime you engage in any demolition project.

Sayings such as “the only thing more expensive than a good mechanic is a cheap mechanic” certainly have merit, especially when it comes to demolition projects.

Looking to remodel a bathroom? Think a simple DIY is just that? Think again. Surely homeowners may have no difficulty removing tiles or disassembling shelves, but what happens when you accidentally strike a hot water line? What kind of cost have you just incurred? Are you looking to build an addition? Did you pull the proper permits?

Professional Demolition Companies provide the expertise and quality control needed to execute any project at the highest level.

Home Improvements: Some of the most common value-adds to any home can be found in the kitchen or bathroom. While painting some walls and tossing down some new tiles may seem simple and sweet, the reality is that home improvement challenges will certainly appear and will test your ability to adequately respond. Skip the headaches of emergency calls to the plumber and max out credit cards by hiring a professional demolition company. Decades of experience combined with intensive processes ensure that your project goes smoothly. Future roadblocks are identified and clients are informed of what it will actually require to gut your kitchen or bathroom. For the most stress-free and rapid solution, look no further than a professional demolition company.

Lot Clearing: The process of clearing and preparing any lot for development is far more intricate than an excavator and a dump truck. Permits must be pulled. Timelines must be established. Expectations must be set. Do not leave a significant lift up to a novice, utilize a trusted Professional Demolition Company.

In any situation where you’re modifying a structure and require the removal of components, you should consider and utilize a demolition company. Eliminate the headaches. Eliminate liability. Enjoy the final product.

If you have any questions or are looking for a quote for your next demolition project, look no further than Boston Demolition & Removal.

The Advantage of Working With Demolition Contractors When Investing In Real Estate

More often than not, the profit in your next real estate investment is made when you first purchase the property. If you overpay, even the most dramatic renovations may not save you from being underwater. So, how do you pick those diamonds in the rough and land the sweetest deals? How do you find those properties that others simply cannot?

First and foremost, you form a strong relationship with your local demolition contractor. Utilize them for current or future projects. Refer them to friends and families. You can’t expect to be served a sweet deal on a silver platter without contributing yourself. Very few businesses are often as familiar with the local real estate as demolition companies. Demolition companies benefit from working on existing properties, tearing down dilapidated homes, prepping lots for new investment builds, and more.

When it comes to any project, Demolition companies are more often than not the first to be called. Looking to prep the property for a foundation? Demolition company. Need to remove an existing structure in order to build a new one? Demolition company. Want to blow out a wall or remove a kitchen to create a beautiful new look? Demolition company.

This command over real estate and early access to all properties and potential deals results in strong relationships with homeowners and developers alike. Additionally, these strong relationships can also help potential investors gain credibility when making offers.

Non-traditional property buying methods such as seller-financing or lease-purchase agreements may become more visible to demolition contractors as they form relationships with property owners.

Are you a Demolition Contractor? Are you investing in real estate? Are you taking full advantage of your expertise and relationships? These are important questions to ask yourself.

If you have any questions about your next demolition project or are looking for a quote, do not hesitate to reach out to Boston Demolition.

Spring Cleaning – Removal Projects For The New Season

Spring is here and Summer is near! What better time to commence some demolition and removal projects around your residential or commercial property. While Winter may not be the most cordial towards expansive removal projects, often forcing team members to bear the elements, Spring brings a ripe atmosphere that invites change and refurbishment.

First established in the Mid-1600s, New England is home to the earliest colonies in the United States. While we certainly hope your property has undergone significant change since then, we understand many New Englanders’ have looming projects to be completed on their properties. Whether your home or commercial property is 300 or 30 years old, Boston Demolition is here to help jog your memory and provide you examples with some of the best demolition and removal projects to undertake as Spring carries along in Massachusetts and the surrounding states.

1- Decks, Outdoor Patios, & Sun Rooms

There is nothing better than a good outdoor barbeque on a warm July night. Whether you’re cooking up some burgers or playing baseball with the neighbors, a good outdoor deck & patio is an inviting environment that will simultaneously add value to your property. Yet, what if your new real estate acquisition has a dilapidated deck or patio structure? All of a sudden this creator of memories turns into a massive liability. Rotting wood, crumbling stone, and cracking concrete are all sure signs that your deck or patio is due for replacement. Avoid the liability and risk of danger and contact Boston Demolition & Removal to get your new deck, patio, screened-in porch, and more removed just in time for some new construction!

2- Garages

Often home to far more than just a vehicle (we know about your collections of old sports equipment and garden equipment lingering in there!) – garages play an essential role in all residential and commercial property owners’ daily lives. Whether it is a detached single bay or an elaborate commercial storage facility featuring ten, 1000+ sq. ft. facilities, garages become a hotbed of activity as the spring and summer seasons come into the swing of things. DIY projects, vehicle maintenance, business creation, and more all call our garages home. Yet, we must make sure that our garages are up to code and safety standards. There is absolutely no point in delaying the removal of your dilapidated garage. Posing a danger to yourself and others, hire trusted demolition companies such as Boston Demolition to remove your aging garage structures and provide the ultimate perfect slate for your next dream garage. There is nothing better than building a new working space!

3- Beach Houses & Summer Homes

Sometimes it all must come down! While summer homes and beachfront houses often contain lifetimes of memories and countless stories, it is essential that your dwelling is not posing a risk to your overall safety and quality of life. Beachfront homes often suffer more wrath than just about any other structure as the battering of high winds, saltwater, intense storms, sand, and more unleash their might upon your dwelling. Additionally, summer homes often suffer from maintenance negligence as the dwelling is not frequently top of mind and important renovations may be pushed offseason after season. Eventually, these structures will be able to suffer no more and you must address the issues at hand. By utilizing trusted demolition companies such as Boston Demolition, you will receive expert estimates, opinions, and roadmaps to bringing your beloved property back to life.

As a whole, the Spring and Summer months provide an excellent opportunity for change and growth. Whether it is replacing a garage or rebuilding a summer home, look no further than Boston Demolition and Removal for your next project. Please reach out to us anytime, we cannot wait to hear from you!

Jobsite Safety – Navigating Demolition Projects With Care & Efficiency

It goes without saying that Boston Demolition’s #1 priority is safety. Sure, it certainly sounds cliche but there is truly nothing we value more than human life. Not only is Jobsite safety paramount to ensuring our team’s wellbeing, but it also provides effective practices that result in enhanced discipline, organization, and overall productivity. Promoting a safe culture has been extremely beneficial to the success of Boston Demolition and has provided us with the knowledge and experience that we’d like to now share with the rest of the industry.

Many industries prioritize Jobsite safety, yet the Demolition industry is year after year one of the more dangerous sectors to work within. The nature of the work involves but is not limited to the following hazards:

-Large & Small Debris Removal

-Contaminated Material Removal

-Condemned Structures

-Environmental Risks Post-Storm

With all these high-risk factors often included in each and every Jobsite, it is essential that we practice diligent Jobsite safety for each and every client. Whether we’re doing an interior demolition in Brookline, MA, or a full structural teardown on the North Shore, we treat all jobs with the same level of care. In order to maintain a high level of efficiency and precision, we go through a series of steps on every project to maintain our high safety standards and create an environment that is conducive to top industry practices and expectations.

First and foremost, we do a full team walkthrough of the project. It does not matter if it is a single-floor gutting or large commercial teardown, we ensure that our team is well aware of the variables of the job. Getting a sense of your surroundings, the state of the structure, potential hazards, and other factors which you will be working around is essential to operating a safe Jobsite.

After an initial walkthrough, we will organize and assemble all equipment and tools needed. While this step may seem redundant or self-explanatory, having all equipment clearly visible and located in an organized fashion prevents hectic searches down the road. Our team knows where equipment is, understands how to use it, and employs it in the proper settings. This is an essential step to running an optimized Jobsite.

After a thorough walkthrough and equipment layout is completed, we will begin work on the job. The exact process of removing debris from structures varies greatly from client to client, yet we always try to remove the most hazardous components first, eliminating the risk of injury or harm to our team as quickly as possible. Following the removal of hazards, we will attempt to remove all larger debris, allowing our team to work in greater open space and thus providing them with the ability to position themselves properly and safely.

During the removal process, we promote the use of all personal protective gear including but not limited to Steel Toe Boots, Jeans or other Work Pants, Long Sleeve Shirts, High Visibility Gear, Work Gloves, Eye Protection, Hardhats, and more. By encouraging safe attire, we maintain a safe presence on each and every Jobsite.

When it comes to the environment itself, we promote the clearing & maintaining of all walkways, allowing our team to freely move throughout the project. We also employ the use of various waste collection systems. Large tarps are used to contain dust and other airborne particles.

Since the beginning, we have been focused on running a safe operation. Boston Demolition & Removal takes a huge amount of pride in maintaining high safety standards on each and every Jobsite. If you’re considering Boston Demolition and Removal for your next project, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Why You Need To Use Public Adjusters For Insurance Claims

When it comes to insurance claims regarding property claims, one of your first calls should be to a public adjuster. At the most basic level, a public adjuster represents you, the policyholder, and provides the said policyholder with thorough documentation outlining and describing the claim at hand with highly detailed notes. These notes will often include time, place, environment, visible damage, non-visible damage, and other aspects involving your claim.

One of the most important factors behind using public adjusters is the fact that they will do the work for the policyholder. When hiring a public adjuster, you are no longer the one handling the paperwork, communicating with the insurance company, and battling for the proper settlement.

Property claims can arise from a variety of natural disasters, accidents, and other incidents resulting in property damage. Examples of natural disasters can be the following:


-Wild Fires




Lightning Storm

-Wind Storm

When it comes to more human-related incidents in the realm of property damage, some of the most commonly seen are often referred to as accidents and can be the following:

-Car Into Building

-Heavy Equipment Into Building

Debris Thrown Into Building


-Accidental Fires

-Intentional Water Damage

-Unintentional Water Damage

Public Adjusters serve their clients with professionalism and the ability to accurately identify the root cause of particular claims and issues as well as identify other information which benefits the client in their pursuit of a fair and accurate settlement from the insurance company.

Insurance companies will without question require that you document the damage to your property, synthesize your findings, present them to the insurance company, and determine the settlement through back-and-forth debate. Why risk the integrity of your home and greatest asset when one can simply hire a public adjuster with decades of experience to do what they do best. Leave it to the professionals.

Public Adjusters understand how to estimate the damage. They understand current costs. They understand current labor rates and the amount of time a particular project may require. They understand current and future business revenue lost due to property damage. They understand how insurance companies work. And finally, they know to get a fair and proper settlement.

If you have any questions about hiring a Public Adjuster, please do not hesitate to reach out to Boston Demolition and Removal. We are happy to put you in touch with reputable and accomplished public adjusters in order to get the most out of your property claim.

Demolition In Massachusetts Historic Zones

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The topic of demolition, whether that be partial or complete, is often filled with innuendos and unclear regulations, especially when it comes to Historic Zones. Boston Demolition is here to address and educate upon this particular issue! We’ll be taking a look at the necessary steps required when modifying historic buildings and the proper way to approach unclear questions. Let’s take a look into Demolition in Historic Zones in Massachusetts!

The State of Massachusetts is rich in history. Established in the early 1600s as one of America’s initial colonies, the Bay State has benefitted from hundreds of years of occupation and transformation. From cobblestone roads to the Big Dig, Massachusetts is constantly evolving, yet maintaining its history-rich identity. This profound history comes with a long-lasting establishment of permanent residents, and thus, the construction of buildings. When traveling throughout the state, you’ll surely come across historic buildings. Townhomes, warehouses, post offices, and more – the variety of historic buildings throughout the state is vast.

Before starting any demolition project on a historic building, it’s important to follow the proper steps in order to operate legally and efficiently, particularly within the state of Massachusetts. 

The most essential component to any Historic Demolition project is hiring the proper company to accomplish the task! Boston Demolition and Removal has served Massachusetts and the surrounding states for nearly a decade. Responsible for completing hundreds of demolition-related projects, Boston Demolition and Removal is especially proud of the dozens of historic buildings which have been properly demolished according to local bylaws and regulations. 

When it comes to the precise steps to ensure success, it’s important that we first go online and google your specific city or town and its specific historic zoned property regulations, focusing on demolition. Many towns and cities provide step-by-step instructions online, such as Brookline, Newton, Medford, and Sudbury to name a few! If your specific town, city, or area does not have an online guide to Historic Demolition, you’ll want to check out the next step.

As mentioned previously, many towns provide online guides to Historic Zone Demolition rules & regulations, yet it is not guaranteed that all do. If that is the case, your next best step is to approach your local town hall and ask for written instructions. Historic Zones are often and nearly guaranteed to be managed by a specific historic committee. When that is the case, sourcing the proper officials, some said committees, is often an effective way to acquire the proper paperwork.

Following the acquisition of the precise instructions required to engage in Historic Zone Demolition, your next step is to file the proper paperwork. Compared to non-Historically zoned properties throughout the state of Massachusetts, Historically Zoned property demolition, whether that is partial or complete, can take in excess of 12 months for approval.

After receiving approval from the respective Historic Committees, Boards, and any additional forms of legislation required by your city or town, one may begin the process outlined in your application. It is important that the scope of work identified in your application to the Historic Committee remains as unchanged as possible in order to prevent future conflicts. 

  1. Source online sources for Historic Demolition guidelines and bylaws
  2. Utilize tangible resources such as town halls and local committees for paperwork
  3. Submit the proper paperwork and anticipate the multi-month grace period
  4. Commence project Demolition following approval from respective committees

If you’re unsure as to whether or not your building is considered historic, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Massachusetts Cultural Resource Information System, also referred to as MACRIS.
The renovation and rebuilding of Historic Properties are essential to the preservation of the state of Massachusetts. Whether you’re completing a partial or full demolition, Boston Demolition and Removal is here to help! Our industry-leading experts and vast experience in the space make for the perfect combination. Take a look around our website and check out our pages dedicated to demolition services, service areas, and past projects. Additionally, please feel free to reach out and contact Boston Demolition at any time. There is nothing more we’d like to do than help you complete your next Historic Demolition Project!